The weekend lottery draws kicked off with a €34.2 million jackpot on the EuroMillions. There was no winner of the Euro Millions jackpot although 8 people took home €223,000 each.

The $61 million MegaMillions jackpot wasn't won which means that Tuesday's jackpot is heading for $72 million. Despite the Mega Millions jackpot not being won, there were 6 winners each taking $250,000.

There was no winner of the €2 million Irish jackpot on Saturday night which means that Wednesday's lottery jackpot will be heading for €2.5 million.

The US Powerball lottery was not won on Saturday, so on Wednesday the jackpot is expected to reach over $60 million.

It could have been a bad weekend for lottery winners as nobody won the MegaMillions, the Powerball, or the Irish lottery. Thankfully though, the UK lottery jackpot of £4.2 million was won. Two lucky UK lottery players shared the £4.2 million jackpot, each taking a respectable £2.1 million.

The next big draws to buy tickets for are tomorrow nights MegaMillions with $72 million, and the EuroMillions €40 million. Get your tickets early, and Good Luck!

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