The midweek lotteries had a number of winners in the US and the UK, so would there be any lottery winners for Saturday??

UK Lottery Results - The UK lottery has had 8 winners in the last 3 draws! An astonishing amount of winners for a lottery with odds of over 1 in 13 million. So would this trend continue on Saturday? In a word, yes, but not just the one winner. There were 6 lottery winners in the UK on Saturday night, each winning £650,000. While it's great to have a lot of winners of the UK lottery every week, and if you happen to be one of them i'm sure you wouldn't complain. But there would probably be a little disappointment when you realise that the £4 million jackpot, you thought you had won, is being shared among 6 winners! Is it time for Camelot to introduce another couple of balls to make it harder to win and as a result create the big UK lottery jackpots that were common about 10 years ago?

Irish Lottery Results - There were no winners of the Irish lottery jackpot of €5.5 million. Another week and no Irish lottery winners. When you look at the odds of the Irish lottery, only 1 in 8 million, you wonder why it hasn't been won since the 15th of February. That's nearly 8 draws without anyone winning. But when you look at the number of lottery players in Ireland, around 2 million, and compare that to the UK, approx 30 million, you can see why the UK is creating multiple winners every week. With Wednesday's lottery jackpot heading for €6 million, it's worth buying a couple of tickets and trying to stop this 8 draw winning drought for Ireland.

U.S. Powerball Lottery Results - There were no winnners of the US Powerball jackpot of $40 million. Wednesday's Powerballlottery
6/22/2013 15:44:06

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