It was a bad week for lottery players as nobody won the jackpots in Ireland, the UK, the US or Euro Millions. That does however make this Saint Patrick's weekend a bumper one for lottery jackpots.

Irish Lottery - The lottery with the best odds is Ireland. And their jackpot this Saturday 17th March is heading for €8 million. For St. Patricks Day the organisers have added €1 million to the jackpot. And with odds of 1 in 8.1 million you have a great chance to win.

UK Lottery - With no winner on Wednesday, the UK lottery jackpot is expected to reach £4 million on Saturday. The odds on winning the UK lottery are almost 1 in 14 million. So if you can play lottery online through a syndicate, get yourself a ticket for the Irish lottery instead of the UK this weekend.

US Powerball Lottery - The US Powerball lottery jackpot this Saturday is $60 million. The odds on winning the Powerball aren't as good as the UK or Ireland, but the bigger jackpots seem to be enough to tempt the online lottery syndicates every week. The odds for Powerball are 1 in 175 million.

Before all these Saturday lottery draws we have the small matter of the EuroMillion and US Mega Millions. 

Euro Millions Lottery - The Europe-wide lottery is looking at a €45 million jackpot tonight (Friday 16th March). The odds on winning the EuroMillions are just over 1 in 116 million.

US Mega Millions Lottery - Hold on to your hats, the US MegaMillions jackpot is a mouth watering 200 million dollars tonight! With no jackpot winner for the last few weeks, the US Mega Millions players will all be hoping to land tonights jackpot. The odds on winning the Mega Millions are 1 in 175 million. Similar to the US Powerball game but a much bigger prize this week.

So put on you lucky socks, grab your rabbit's foot, search your garden for that elusive four leaf clover, and if you have the rub of the green on this Saint Patricks weekend, you could land one of the big jackpots
6/22/2013 15:43:01

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