Ireland's lottery players are angry at the organiser for increasing the number of balls in the main draw by 2. There will now be 47 numbers instead of 45 meaning that the odds of selecting all six numbers goes from 8. million to one to almost 11 million to one. This will result in an average of around 14 jackpot winners a year, 3 less than now. 

On top of that, next month customers will be charged an extra 50c per line – a price hike of 30%. Players will now have to pay a minimum of €4 per ticket, for two lines with no plus, previously this would only cost €3. If players add in the extra Lotto Plus draw, two-lines will cost €5.

Lottery organisers have defended this changes saying that the changes will also mean larger jackpots, with the average jackpot win increasing to €6.3 million from €4.5 million.

The overall odds of winning a prize have changed too, going from one in 42 to one in 28, due to additional smaller prizes, including increasing the match 5 and bonus ball to €100,000.

The changes come into effect on September 5

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