Ireland's lottery players are angry at the organiser for increasing the number of balls in the main draw by 2. There will now be 47 numbers instead of 45 meaning that the odds of selecting all six numbers goes from 8. million to one to almost 11 million to one. This will result in an average of around 14 jackpot winners a year, 3 less than now. 

On top of that, next month customers will be charged an extra 50c per line – a price hike of 30%. Players will now have to pay a minimum of €4 per ticket, for two lines with no plus, previously this would only cost €3. If players add in the extra Lotto Plus draw, two-lines will cost €5.

Lottery organisers have defended this changes saying that the changes will also mean larger jackpots, with the average jackpot win increasing to €6.3 million from €4.5 million.

The overall odds of winning a prize have changed too, going from one in 42 to one in 28, due to additional smaller prizes, including increasing the match 5 and bonus ball to €100,000.

The changes come into effect on September 5

The Euro Millions results for Tuesday 20th of August are: 05,11,42,49,50. The two lucky stars are 08,11.

The jackpot is 
After a record breaking couple of months in the US lottery scene, things have relatively calmed down a little. 3 people shared the $640 million Mega Millions Jackpot in March, the largest jackpot in lottery history. The Mega Millions results were watched by millions of hopeful U.S. lottery players as they dreamed of beating the 1 in 176 million odds.

The Mega Millions Lottery draw had no jackpot winner for 18 draws before it hit the $640 million mark. Experts say that the Mega Millions could reach a staggering $1 Billion dollars once every 10 years! Now there's a jackpot I wouldn't mind sharing!

After the frantic weekend for lottery players worldwide, there are now 6 new millionaires walking among us.

As mentioned in my previous post, 3 lucky United States lottery players shared the $640 million Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night. And in Ireland, the lottery jackpot of just over €11 million was also won. Two Irish lottery players shared the pot, each getting around €5.7 million.

UK Lottery Results - There was one winner of the UK lottery on Saturday night. The jackpot was a little over £4.4 million. In the same draw, 11 players matched the 5 numbers for the second prize, each getting £124,000.

Euro Millions Results - Friday's EuroMillions jackpot of €15 million wasn't won on Friday. Tomorrow nights jackpot will be €25 million.

USA Powerball Results - Nobody won the Powerball jackpot on Saturday evening. Wednesday's draw will have a jackpot of 70 million dollars.

The USA Mega Millions Results - 2,4,23,38,46 Mega Ball 23

The Mega Millions jackpot hasn't been won since January this year. This meant that last nights jackpot was expected to reach 540 million dollars. However with the huge increase in ticket sales throughout the week the Mega Millions jackpot was a whopping $640 million, the biggest in the world, ever!

So did anyone win the Mega Millions Jackpot? Yes. There were 3 winning tickets sold for the big Mega Millions draw. The lucky winners can choose whether they would like to take the lump sum payout or take a yearly payout over 26 years.

So for now at least, the rest of us can put the day dreaming on hold, and get back to our normal lives, until the next big lottery jackpot of course!
Irish Lottery Results - Nobody matched all 6 numbers in the Irish Lottery on Saturday night. The €9.5 million jackpot is expected to rise to €10 million for this Wednesday's draw.

UK Lottery Results - 4 winning tickets shared the £4.3 million jackpot on Saturday in the UK. Each winning ticket will receive just over £1 million each. Wednesday's jackpot will be an estimated £3 million.

USA Powerball Lottery Results - There were no winners of the US Powerball Lottery on Saturday. The jackpot was $30 million. Wednesday's Powerball jackpot will be $50 million.

Euro Millions Results - On Friday evening one lucky French Lottery player scooped the €26 million EuroMillions jackpot. Tuesday's jackpot will be €15 million.

Mega Millions Lottery Results - The 'Mega' $255 million jackpot wasn't won again on Friday. There were however 39 winners of the second prize of $250,000. Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot will be $356 million.
Irish Lottery Results - There was no winner of the 8.5 million euro Irish lotto jackpot last night. The jackpot for this Saturday's lottery is expected to hit 9.5 million euro!

The Irish Lottery is one of the more favorable lotteries out there, in relation to the odds on winning the jackpot, only 1 in 8.145 million. Ok, that is still a long shot, but when you compare it to the popular UK lottery, which has odds of over 1 in 13 million, or the Euro Millions with odds of over 1 in 116 million.

Normally the only downside, if you can call it that, is that the jackpots rarely creep above €5 million. The last couple of weeks are clearly the exception to the rule. The last draw was worth €8.5 million. So don't wait too much longer before giving the Irish Lottery a try, as the €9.5 million jackpot will surely be won in the next few draws.
It was a long weekend in Ireland last week as the Irish celebrated their national day. So would there be another celebration from any of the worldwide lottery players?

Irish Lottery Results - The Irish lottery wasn't won on Saturday, and hasn't been won since early February. Wednesday's jackpot is €8.5 million.

UK Lottery Results - There was one winner of the UK lottery jackpot of over £7.1 million. Wednesday's jackpot is heading for £2.2 million.

US Powerball Results - The $60 million US Powerball jackpot wasn't won. Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is 70 million dollars.

US Mega Millions Results - The US MegaMillions monster prize of 200 million dollars will become over 240 million dollars tonight as lottery fever starts to take hold in the United States. 

Euro Millions Results - One lucky UK lottery player won the €45 million EuroMillions jackpot on Friday night. Tonight's Euro Millions
It was a bad week for lottery players as nobody won the jackpots in Ireland, the UK, the US or Euro Millions. That does however make this Saint Patrick's weekend a bumper one for lottery jackpots.

Irish Lottery - The lottery with the best odds is Ireland. And their jackpot this Saturday 17th March is heading for €8 million. For St. Patricks Day the organisers have added €1 million to the jackpot. And with odds of 1 in 8.1 million you have a great chance to win.

UK Lottery - With no winner on Wednesday, the UK lottery jackpot is expected to reach £4 million on Saturday. The odds on winning the UK lottery are almost 1 in 14 million. So if you can play lottery online through a syndicate, get yourself a ticket for the Irish lottery instead of the UK this weekend.

US Powerball Lottery - The US Powerball lottery jackpot this Saturday is $60 million. The odds on winning the Powerball aren't as good as the UK or Ireland, but the bigger jackpots seem to be enough to tempt the online lottery syndicates every week. The odds for Powerball are 1 in 175 million.

Before all these Saturday lottery draws we have the small matter of the EuroMillion and US Mega Millions. 

Euro Millions Lottery - The Europe-wide lottery is looking at a €45 million jackpot tonight (Friday 16th March). The odds on winning the EuroMillions are just over 1 in 116 million.

US Mega Millions Lottery - Hold on to your hats, the US MegaMillions jackpot is a mouth watering 200 million dollars tonight! With no jackpot winner for the last few weeks, the US Mega Millions players will all be hoping to land tonights jackpot. The odds on winning the Mega Millions are 1 in 175 million. Similar to the US Powerball game but a much bigger prize this week.

So put on you lucky socks, grab your rabbit's foot, search your garden for that elusive four leaf clover, and if you have the rub of the green on this Saint Patricks weekend, you could land one of the big jackpots
The midweek lotteries had a number of winners in the US and the UK, so would there be any lottery winners for Saturday??

UK Lottery Results - The UK lottery has had 8 winners in the last 3 draws! An astonishing amount of winners for a lottery with odds of over 1 in 13 million. So would this trend continue on Saturday? In a word, yes, but not just the one winner. There were 6 lottery winners in the UK on Saturday night, each winning £650,000. While it's great to have a lot of winners of the UK lottery every week, and if you happen to be one of them i'm sure you wouldn't complain. But there would probably be a little disappointment when you realise that the £4 million jackpot, you thought you had won, is being shared among 6 winners! Is it time for Camelot to introduce another couple of balls to make it harder to win and as a result create the big UK lottery jackpots that were common about 10 years ago?

Irish Lottery Results - There were no winners of the Irish lottery jackpot of €5.5 million. Another week and no Irish lottery winners. When you look at the odds of the Irish lottery, only 1 in 8 million, you wonder why it hasn't been won since the 15th of February. That's nearly 8 draws without anyone winning. But when you look at the number of lottery players in Ireland, around 2 million, and compare that to the UK, approx 30 million, you can see why the UK is creating multiple winners every week. With Wednesday's lottery jackpot heading for €6 million, it's worth buying a couple of tickets and trying to stop this 8 draw winning drought for Ireland.

U.S. Powerball Lottery Results - There were no winnners of the US Powerball jackpot of $40 million. Wednesday's Powerballlottery